Fifty By Thirty: updates

| January 26, 2014

COVER: The cover for Fifty By Thirty is in the capable hands of an awesome web designer who has done freelance work for me in the past.  I sketched the cover I’d love to see, and am dying to see what she comes up with!

EDITING PROGRESS: I am having four people read Fifty By Thirty before I make final edits: a Gen-Y librarian with a clever sense of humor, one Gen-Xer from the bottom half (pushing 40) and another from the top half (already hit 50), and a baby boomer who is retired and loves fart jokes.  Two of them already have the manuscript in hand, and the other two will read in February.  I will incorporate all of their feedback into my final edit.

PUBLISHING: I plan to self-pub Fifty By Thirty, either while working on Some Guy’s Hat or just after completing that manuscript.  We’ll see what comes.


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