Hiking around Burg Breuberg

| September 8, 2014

Burg Breuberg: “Burg-Breuberg-Weg-Hoch über der Mümling”

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: Broken into 3 loops (Loop 1:   2.1 km;  Loop 2:   2.0 km;  Loop 3:   3.8 km) as shown on sign above

Trail marker: Black S3

Starting point: According to the booklet, it’s the Parkplatz Gustavsruhe, Burgweg, 64747 Breuberg.  This wasn’t in our GPS, so we followed the brown signs through town to Burg Breuberg, which I’d visited once, and then about halfway up the mountain saw a parking lot to the left.  There stood a giant trail map and other information signs.  It was not labeled as the Parkplatz Gustavsruhe anywhere we saw, but a bit down the trail we saw a sign labeled Parkplatz Gustavsruhe, pointing back to the parking lot.  The parking lot sign had said Parkplatz Burg Brueburg.  Who the heck knows.

Highlights: Obviously, the biggest highlight is the castle.  On Loop 1, you hike up to the base of the castle and can wander around it at will.

Burg Breuberg

Also, for the kids (or the kid in you), there is a long metal sliding board across from the tiny parking lot by the castle entrance.

Burg Breuberg slide

On Loop 2, you come around a bend and suddenly enjoy views of the castle from another hilltop.  Very nice.

We did not hike Loop 3 that day, so I’ll perhaps to report back another time.  Loops 1 & 2 both offer lovely views of the hills, fields, and towns below.

It’s exactly what you picture a hike in Germany should be, and is easy and short enough for just an afternoon.  Great first hike of spring 2014 for us!

More about the castle for kids:

Great place for a kid to run around, plus there’s a random long, curvy slide outside of the castle.  The tower cost .50€ to climb, but the stairs are old wooden plank stairs with open space between them, so my daughter didn’t get all the way to the top on her first visit.  She did go up on her second and third visits, though! For some kids this would be a great distraction; for others, maybe a bit scary.  For a few pics of my daughter enjoying herself, see my more detailed post to the Germany, Ja! website.


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