Hotel Esplanade: Zagreb’s Must-Stay

| November 7, 2014
esplanade hotel zagreb

Beautiful exterior

Hotel Review: Hotel Esplanade, Zagreb

I’m going to start with this: Thumbs up! This hotel was elegant, with a nice, spacious room and bathroom. They lived up to their “luxury hotel” status in my book.  Clearly I’m not the only one, as photos in the hotel show A-List celebs who have chosen to stay there.

Check-in experience: Excellent. When we arrived, there was an error in our reservation–very likely my fault. The representative did not place blame or take a huffy attitude; instead, she told me to hold on, then upgraded the room in order to accommodate us in a triple at no extra charge. This was absolutely above and beyond, giving me a good first impression of the hotel.

Anybody know what time it is in New York?

Anybody know what time it is in New York?

The property: The exterior of the hotel is old-school elegant. When gazing up at the columns, you cannot help but imagine what it was like to stay there in the 1920’s with Orient Express passengers. The art deco interior added to the feeling of old-school elegance both in areas like the lobby, and in the rooms.

esplanade hotel esplanade hotel

Room: Beautiful, comfortable, and what a bathroom! Marble, separate tub and walk-in shower, and even the toilet was separated behind a glass door. Loved it. They provide nice toiletries, bathrobes, and enough space for all three of us to be in the bathroom at once, taking showers, using the toilet, brushing teeth—yet not in sight of one another. Complimentary vintage-style postcards featured the hotel in its early days.

esplanade hotel esplanade hotel


Restaurant: Awesome. We used the restaurant only once, for the breakfast buffet.  This was in my Top 3 breakfast buffets of all time. It might even be number one. It was robust, fresh, delicious, and very nicely presented. And OMG the pastries! Staff was attentive and friendly. If you judge hotels by their restaurants, then you will be plenty satisfied here.

esplanade hotel breakfast

I tried something new to me at the buffet: a peas-and-carrots mayo-based salad. Surprisingly good!

 I followed it up with PASTRIES.

I followed it up with PASTRIES.

Spa: Average. Okay, this is where they could use some improvement. I called down early in the day to schedule a massage for the evening. It took three separate calls before someone answered. When I arrived for my massage, it was nowhere near the spa experience to which I am accustomed. When I first entered, there was no one at the desk, so I was not greeted and could not “check in.” Three individual staff members came in and out of the room, and not a single one greeted me. The third did smile. Finally, my masseuse came out and she greeted me—and she was very friendly. The massage was good, not awesome. I haven’t decided whether I would use the spa again, were I to return; it’s for sure not a definite yes.

Location: Good. They’re a short walk from main sights and the beginning of old town and other attractions.


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