Old Navy Photos for D-Day

| June 6, 2017

While I’m not a fan of glorifying war, I do think we should honor those who served–many, without a choice.

That includes my grandfather, whom I interviewed for V-E Day a couple of years ago. Poppop is still alive and well, in Florida.  He is one of the few remaining, from an ever-shrinking group of men who stormed the beaches of Normandy, 73 years ago today.

With this post, I just want to add more of his old Navy photos to the great big internet so that anyone interested can find them. Plus, who doesn’t love old photographs?  I know I do!


That's Poppop - Angelo Yerace - as a young sailor

That’s Poppop – Angelo Yerace – as a handsome young sailor


This is such a wartime pic

This is such a classic wartime pic


Giving buzz cuts!

Giving buzz cuts!


I feel like I'm watching an old movie

I feel like I’m watching an old movie–this pic is so fun!


A few more pics and other cool stuff-

poppop in the navy wwii poppop in the navy wwii poppop in the navy wwii poppop in the navy wwii poppop in the navy wwii poppop in the navy wwii poppop in the navy wwiipoppop in the navy wwii


This one names him and a Leo Scott on the back:

poppop in the navy wwii

This appears to be the same guy, Leo Scott:

poppop in the navy wwii

Here are a couple of notes he had saved from an autograph book a little later in the war:

From a Wally Lewis

From a Wally Lewis

22 October 1945, Pearl Harbor

Beer may be beer

Wine may be wine,

but come to Hazleton,

We have the best moonshine

Buddy Buddy

Wally Lewis QM

Hazleton, PA

(I’m loving this guy)

Gerald Spinks angelo yerace

From a shipmate Gerald Spinks

22 October 1945

Dear Angelo,

I have enjoyed being in the crew with you and hope you have much happiness and good luck when you get out of the navy.

A Shipmate

Gerald (Boats) Spinks

Zebulon, Georgia


And just to consolidate, here are the photos I previously published….



including pics we no longer have.  I’m so glad I once photographed them.

training school training photos training school basic training


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