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| May 21, 2015

As I wind down from a long weekend in Poland, just in time to prepare for a long weekend in Colmar, France, I am organizing organizing, prioritizing, and everything-izing.  Recent updates:


Last month, I checked off another pin on Some Guy’s Hat by visiting the Frankfurt Zoo.

some guy's hat

Frankfurt Zoo – Check!

That leaves me, and Some Guy’s Hat, with four remaining locations, none near the other:

Inzell, Germany

Ruine Rechberg in Germany

Staufen im Breisgau, Germany

Tegernsee, Germany

Frustratingly, I would only have three locations left, were it not for me accidentally driving to Staufenberg when I was supposed to be in Staufen im Breisgau.  That was disappointing.

Where I was; where I was supposed to be.

Speaking of disappointment, Paul might be disappointed to learn that we’ll be swinging by the right Staufen im Breisgau on Saturday en route to Colmar, France.  I’m sure my stepdaughter and her boyfriend, who fly in for a visit tomorrow, will be thrilled to find that they’re being dragged to a random town in Southern Germany before they get to go to France… The good news? Staufen im Breisgau is known for a castle and vineyard.  They should drink some German wine before French wine, to compare.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Actually, Paul can’t say anything, because he’s taking the kids to see a town tomorrow afternoon solely because he needs to pick up his bikes from the bike shop.  He’s telling them it’s to visit the brewery. It’s not.

Hopefully they’re not reading this.

some guy's hat

Staufenberg. Not on the hat.


50 X 30

So.  What’s up on the book front?  Well.  I went through several editing phases, wherein I changed the intro, then changed the format, then changed the format back, and generally have lost my mind.  I toyed with the idea of turning it into fiction since really, who wants to read about someone who isn’t in a blockbuster film or spewing political venom?  But then I said Fuck it, I wrote a book, I’m publishing the book.  So you should be seeing more on this soon, as I am in what I hope to freaking God is the last freaking edit before doing the whole Kindle self-pub thing.

Final Book Cover


40 x 40

I seriously couldn’t be moving any slower on this quest to visit 40 countries by age 40.  I’ve added only one since last year: Poland.  That brings my total to 30 countries visited.  I’ve got some work to do.  I really might have to just fall asleep on a train as a friend suggested.



What else is coming up?  Well, a trip to Colmar, France this weekend, a trip to Amsterdam the next weekend, and soooo…much…more.


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