Road Trip!

| December 24, 2015

So…the other day I was thinking we need one last road trip before we enter austerity measures in anticipation of returning to the States in the summer (2016).  I somehow convinced my husband Tuesday night, that even though we originally were planning on driving west to Belgium a few days after Christmas, then home for a few days, then south to the German/Austrian/Czech border–that we should drive 10 hours north to Copenhagen in-between.  I CANNOT BELIEVE THE MAN SAID YES.

Some of the things we’ll do

Visit the world’s only Star Wars ICE! exhibit in Liege, Belgium (WHAAAAT!)

Watch fireworks over Copenhagen (OMG!)

Enjoy a 19th-Century amusement park that’s actually open for the holidays this year

Visit a museum of tiny trains (#becauseGermany)

Visit the very last German town I have to visit with Some Guy’s Hat!!

Since I’m not really a bargain traveler (much to my husband’s chagrin), we’ll be staying at 3 Marriotts along the way (loves me some good service).  Other accommodations include a hotel bar, a traditional Bavarian alpine hotel, and an apartment hotel in a castle.

Have I mentioned I’m excited?  In addition to seeing and doing some cool things, we’ll be visiting the last of the countries bordering Germany that we haven’t visited (Denmark) and completing all the German pins on SGH.  Woo-hoo!

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