| January 28, 2016

Okay, so I can’t give all the details, but in April there’s a road trip, #finishSGH2016.

I finished all the Germany pins on Some Guy’s Hat a few weeks ago, but two lone points in Switzerland mocked me.  I was sure I’d be going back to the States in June without checking off those two elusive spots, Einsiedeln and Tellsplatte (Tellskapelle).

But I have a sudden opportunity to do another signature loop, this time Germany > France > Switzerland > Liechtenstein > Austria > Italy > Germany. Editor’s Note: I added Italy to the trip post-blog post.  Below is the new map.  WOO-HOO!


Stops include

  • Zürich’s Spring Festival (Sechseläuten), where they have a parade, burn the Böögg (no, I did not fall asleep on the keyboard), and hold a giant sausage barbecue.  Nothing about this sounds less than awesome.
  • Münchener Frülingsfest, Munich’s “little sister of Oktoberfest” – whaaaaat?!
  • A short hike to Tellskapelle, a tiny chapel of William Tell legend that sits on the very edge of Lake Lucerne
  • An abbey with a black statue of the Madonna

More details will come as it draws near, but this one is sure to be a party in the car.




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