Schloss Guteneck’s medieval Christmas Market: Best for Handcrafted Decor!

| December 11, 2014

Last weekend, we drove to Bavaria to check out the medieval Christmas market at Schloss Guteneck. On the castle grounds, artisans show and sell their beautiful work, some of which they’re crafting on the spot; food vendors sell regional and medieval treats, and performers show off their skills.This is an awesome market for enjoying Glühwein outdoors—fire barrels, fire pits, and heaters stood outside of Glühwein kiosks and in open areas. Scattered throughout the market are animals to pet, ride, and observe. Folks walked around the market in medieval costumes, some very elaborate!  I was a little worried that after visiting the Esslingen Christmas Market the week before, it might be too similar–but it wasn’t!  Here is a taste of the market, which is going on for two more weekends.

castle guteneck, weihnachtsmarkt xmas bavaria gleuhwein glühwein

Plenty of vendors line the castle wall and surrounding castle grounds

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland bonfire

All over the market were opportunities to stay warm…

castle guteneck, weihnachtsmarkt xmas bavaria gleuhwein glühwein

…which is very important when you’re standing around drinking Gleuhwein!

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland owl

There were owls!

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland owl

I repeat: Owls.

handblown glass

Beautiful works were on display, from woodcrafts to hand-blown glass.

Schloss Guteneck is a beautiful palace

Schloss Guteneck is a beautiful palace

castle guteneck, weihnachtsmarkt xmas bavarian schonseerland lace

This region of Bavaria is known for lacemaking.  Artisans sold intricate lacework.

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland horse

Did I mention pony and horseback rides?

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland camels

What? Camel riding is your thing?  Got it–for kids or adults!

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland highland cow yak

Or maybe you’re just here to pet the highland cows…

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland llamas alpacas

or Alpacas…

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland

or donkeys, sheep, goats, etc.

weihnachtsmarkt castle medieval bavarian

Parts of the market were in open areas, others among the trees

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland treats


medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland performer

There were indoor performers like this one rolling a ball around his body.

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland craftsman metal

Some artisans were working at their stalls, like this guy with his metal and heat and hammer.

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland

Poeple walked around in their medieval dress whether they were participating in the market or just visiting


I regret not asking this gentleman if I could take a picture of him from the front. The leather mask on his face, the fur, and his hair…I felt like he had just stepped out of Game of Thrones.

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland bavarian

The grounds overlook beautiful Bavaria

medieval weihnachtsmarkt castle schonseerland

Overall, a great market!

hand carved birdhouse

We bought this hand-crafted birdhouse (on left) with the tiniest carved birds in it. Adorable!

If what you want is a Weihnachtsmarkt with excellent handcrafted items, then Schloss Guteneck is the market for you. This medieval market is located in Bavaria, close to the Czech border–you’re not crazy if you think you’re hearing something other than German being spoken by the people around you! It’s another great market for the whole family.

The remaining days of the market are Friday-Sunday the weekends of 12-14DEC and 19-21DEC.

Admission ranges from 2.50E Fridays/4.00E Saturdays/5E Sundays, kids 12 and under are free.

Hours: Friday 16:00 – 21:00 / Saturday 14:00 – 21:00 / Sunday 11:00 – 20:00  For official market info, click here.


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