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| March 17, 2016

I only notice which search terms bring people to karilogue if I happen to glance at that area of the dashboard. Every time I do, though, it cracks me up.

Kinder eggs continue to bring more people to the blog than any other search term. There have been 177 combinations of kinder egg and/or kinder joy search terms, in multiple languages including Arabic script. Most sought to learn if they were illegal and/or harmful. All because of this post.

There were over 40 different search terms regarding German shampoo that led people to my blog because of this post.

Very recent search terms included “plitvice lakes wet shoe,” thanks to this post.


People seeking the advice “can I flush toilet paper in venice” landed on this post. Hope it helped?

Other search terms included “crappy day” and, oddly enough, “where he stood perplexed an still.” I often stand perplexed, so I guess that makes sense.

There are half a dozen various search terms about crazy German carnival rides thanks to this posts of hells-no rides.

The search term “difference between me and my husband” cracked me up. There are many differences between me and my husband. I especially enjoyed the search term “What do pauls do to milk,” which brought folks to this post, in which my Paul wanted to know what the hell I was going to do to milk. But seriously, who is out there wondering what Pauls do to milk? And what do Pauls do to milk?

“My child’s kindergarten has access to an unsupervised climbing wall” led people to this post, as did “weaving school Germany”.

“Squishy mud” and “rancid mud and water in trenches” would have brought people to several hiking posts, including this one.

The search of “Gardening “bare hands” sting” clearly led someone to this post.

The fact that someone searched “pretzel bracelet” gives me hope that I’m not an idiot, despite what this post would have you believe.

So that’s it for some of the most common search terms that lead people here.  Karilogue: all about rancid mud, toilet paper, wet shoes, milk mysteries, and crappy days.



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