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| December 9, 2015

It’s been a while since I wrote an update as an author. Last week–the week I turned 40–was productive in several areas, so this is a great time to let you know what I’m up to:

The Day Flash Couldn’t Even

This summer, I wrote a children’s picture book that is currently in illustration with Aaron Parrott, with whom I’m collaborating on this and future projects. I absolutely love how we share a vision. The plan is to go the traditional publishing route, because a children’s book should be physically held in the hand.  This is a very funny tale of a dog who just can’t even.

little girl dressing dog up in costume, jack russell terrier, bumblebee costume

The Inspiration

**If you are a publisher interested in The Day Flash Couldn’t Even, please contact me directly and we would be happy to show you the completed illustrations.

June’s Hat

I am combining and fictionalizing the recent road trip with my mother and daughter (#3genRT) and my travels with Some Guy’s Hat. It is a tale of four generations of women who follow a forgotten hat. It is slowly but surely coming along. Meanwhile, my awesome graphic designer is working on the cover.

Sophia’s Surgery

About 4-5 years ago, I wrote a children’s book, Sophia’s Surgery. When Aaron and I finish the Flash books, hopefully we’ll be able to move on to this one. It is a bit longer than a traditional children’s picture book; there is a lot of work that will go into it. I am re-working it right now. It’ll still be fun (and just maybe a certain dog will be in the background!) but is addressing a serious issue.

Future project

I’m planning for the future, when I return to the States and am no longer an expat. I plan to work on a project related to repatriating my daughter, to include travel and food and fun.

As an aside, What kind of travel would you want to do with your kid one-on-one, or want to read about? Please comment if you have any ideas!

And don’t forget, you can always order Fifty By Thirty or borrow it from the KLL!


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