Wiesbaden: Lights, Wine, Christmas

| October 2, 2014

During Advent season, Wiesbaden welcomes visitors to its Sternschnuppenmarkt (“Twinkling Star Market”) on the main square, the Schlossplatz.  After over a decade of holding its Christmas Market, the city plays host to more than 130 market stalls.  We were fortunate enough to visit on a snowy evening, adding to the magic of the giant lilies lighting up the sky.

Wiesbaden's "Twinkling Star Market"

Wiesbaden’s Sternschunuppenmarkt

This one is a Christmas shopper’s delight: a large, robust market.  If there’s a typical Christmas item you’re looking for, you have a good chance of finding it here.  They also have (warm!) indoor tents for some of the larger manufacturers like Käthe Wohlfahrt, although you can rely on it being cramped in that one–you might want to consider leaving the littlest ones outside with a family member in order to avoid any accidents with some of the elaborate Christmas pyramids being sold for upwards of $1,000.

Lovely atmosphere

The market has a lovely, Christmassy, sparkly atmosphere

wiesbaden christmas market

The rides do not disappoint.  The ferris wheel is monstrous and offers a beautiful view of Wiesbaden from up top. Here, you don’t feel like the rides are just for the littlest ones.  There’s a nice double decker carousel.  Don’t worry–there are rides geared toward the smaller ones, as well.

Ferris Wheel

View from the ferris wheel

View from the ferris wheel

This year’s market runs from 25NOV – 23DEC 2014.

What we brought home from Wiesbaden: a ton of Christmas ornaments for us and for gifts (both wooden and pewter); a wooden pyramid and other decor.  And I popped into the Jack Wolfskin store for a new full-length down winter coat – nothing will keep you warmer during Christmas market season! 

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  1. Frau Dietz (Eating Wiesbaden) says:

    I love Wiesbaden’s Christmas market, though I’m always disappointed that all the stalls are in exactly the same place – I kind of feel like I’d like them to mix it up a bit! I can’t believe it’s getting towards that time of year again already though. Bring on the mulled cider! 😀

    • Absolutely! As I update all of my Christmas Market info for the site, I just cannot wait another minute for the season to begin! I’d have to agree, I prefer when towns mix it up a bit. I think the best things about Wiesbaden are the beautiful lights, and the ferris wheel. Do you visit other Christmas Markets during the season? Any other favorites?